Hello 2017!

So long 2016!

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling good about saying farewell to 2016 and looking ahead to the new year, so here are my resolutions for 2017

2017 resolutions!

One: First off, I want to send more happy post! Having recently moved from sunny old Devon in England, to beautiful Glasgow in Scotland, I want to stay in touch with family and friends by sending them something special - everybody loves happy post right?

Two: Every year I make reading a resolution, which isn't hard but is still nice to do! Apparently reading for 6 minutes a day can improve your mood and make you less stressed, so I figure if I read for 6 minutes every morning, I start everyday on the right foot.

Three: MAKE MORE! It's been a while since I have made anything, a drawing, a painting, a weird bit of knitting just to enjoy it. This year I want to spend more time making, and less time comparing what I make to what everyone else is making. If in doubt, just make something!

Four: Saving the best 'til last!

What are you planning on changing this year?